Enlarge image on Mac OS X by Quick Look

By Helen Nguyen

As one of utilities on such computer using OS X as Mac, Quick Look helps users enlarge image on Mac.

Apple’s computers are usually built and designed with various features, especially for OS X. There are lots of useful features integrated in the operating system, especially Quick Look.

Enlarge image on Mac OS X by Quick Look

This is one of gadgets running OS X. And Quick Look supports for lots of formats such as images, videos, slide, ect without having to use the 3rd software.

This utility allows you to quickly view a file format on OS X. Moreover, when you see a picture file in Quick Look, you can enlarge them without having to use image viewer.

This task is performed by opening the image file and press Space or simultaneously touch 3 fingers on the touchpad on Macbook to activate Quick Look.

Next, press Alt – Option, the image will be enlarged by using the mouse. You will have to drag two fingers to zoom the image if using the touchpad.

Although this feature is not mentioned widely by Apple, it will save lots of time if you know how to use Quick Look.

Thus, you have learnt a new tip to use Mac OS X, right, it is just a small tip but I think it will be helpful for you to use computer faster.

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zoom in on Mac OS X


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