Excel – AVEDEV function, calculating absolute deviation average

By Giang Doan

In the analysis and data processing, you have to calculate the absolute deviation average of given variables. AVEDEV function will help you solve this problem quickly and accurately. Let’s follow betdownload.com to know how to use formula and function of AVEDEV.

AVEDEV function will help you calculate the average of the absolute value of the given data with the average value of the set. This function is used as a measure of the variation of the data set. To better understand the syntax and usage of AVEDEV function on a spreadsheet, let’s follow this article.


Syntax: AVEDEV(number1, [number2], ...)

In which: number1, number2, … is the value needing to be calculated with absolute value and ranges from 1-->255 arguments

Note:       - The given data must be number, name, array or references containing numerical values.

                 - If the reference or array containing text, blank or logical value (True, False), these value will be skipped;

                 - Cells containing 0 value are still counted.

Example 1: Absolute error average of arguments in the formula:

- AVEDEV(1)=0

- AVEDEV(1.2)=0.5

Example 2: Calculate absolute deviation average of staffs’ salary.

- AVEDEV function returns the average value of total absolute value of the difference between salary and average.

- The result of the absolute deviation is 1,049,383

AVEDEV function in Excel is not too difficult to understand, isn’t it? Hope that this small tip will be useful for you and you can apply AVEDEV function successfully in analyzing data and information.

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