Excel - common errors and their solutions

By Giang Doan

While using Excel, it is impossible to avoid mistakes when dealing with functions and formula. Therefore, knowing the causes of these mistakes is necessary for you to come up with the most effective solutions.

When using Excel spreadsheets, surely no one can avoid mistakes. So how to fix it? The following article will give you some common mistakes in Excel and their solutions.

Excel - common errors and their solutions

1. The width error: # # # # #

- Causes:

+ When data cell lacks of widths.

+ When you enter a negative value for date or time.

- Solution: Edit the column widths reasonably.

2. Value error: # VALUE!

- Causes:

+ Press Enter while a formula is being edited.

+ Enter the formula to calculate a sequence while the function requires a number or a logical value.

+ Enter too many parameters to a function or formula while only one parameter is needed.

+ Execute a command related to a function where the function offer wrong value.

3. Data Null Error: # NULL!

- Causes:

+ Use a inappropriate sequence.

+ Using an array with no separation.

4. Number-styled data Error: # NUM!

- Causes:

+ Use repetitive functions which make the function cannot get the return value.

+ Use a function that returns too large or too small value compared to the calculation ability of Excel. (In this case, you can reduce the value)

+ Use an inappropriate argument in the formula.

5. Wrong Reference: # REF!

- Causes:

+ The reference of the formula is deleted.

+ Links, reference to an application is not executable.

6. Data Error: # N / A

- Causes:

+ The return value is not compatible with the detection functions.

+ Forger one or more arguments in the custom function.

+ Use an unreasonable custom function (In this case, you should carefully check and edit the cell referred by the formula)

+ Inconsistent data when you use the address array in Excel.

7. Divide by 0 Error: # DIV / 0

- Causes:

+ Enter the formula with the divisor as 0.

+ Divisor in the formula refer to an empty cell.

8. Wrong Name: # NAME?

- Causes:

+ Enter wrong name of function. For example, ì instead of if.

+ Use the symbols that are not allowed in the formula.

+ Use inconstant function in Excel (In this case, go to menu Tools → Add-ins. Tick Analysis ToolPak)

+ Add a string without putting it in double quotes.

+ Do not put “:” mark in reference.

Betdownload.com has synthesized errors and their causes occurring usually in Excel. Thus, you can understand more clearly the cause of the error and have effective measures for these errors.

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