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Graphs are visual performances of the inanimate figures into vivid pictures. In Excel there are many different types of graphs serve different purposes, but not everyone knows.

You've already known how to create charts in Excel, the simple chart there is nothing difficult. However, Excel also integrated many types of graphs, complex diagrams that you may not know. Follow the article below to know more with betdownload.com

How to draw charts in Excel – Example
Example: With following table, use the bar chart in Excel to show the amount of inventory of products over years.

To draw the chart, do as following:

Excel 2003

Select the data table, then on the Insert menu, choose Chart ...

A dialog box appears, select the chart type in the Chart Type section, and desired type of chart in the Chart sub-type frame.

Then click Next, and Next again. Then enter the chart name and the axes.

Click Finish to complete.


Excel 2007
Select the entire table of data (including data and header), then go to the Insert tab, select the desired graph icon in the Charts group.

Continue the small triangle below the icon Column chart to pop-up the lists of corresponding column. Choose your favorite template, the chart will automatically appear quite intuitive with detailed captions, as well as column headers are automatically filled.

To change the chart type you just click on the current chart then choose a new chart type, it will automatically switch. The following chart is selected the new 3-D Bar.

To name the chart, go to the Layout group, click the small triangle below the icon and select Chart Title’s put position. Here I select Above Chart and enter its name.

To add a title for the horizontal axis (or vertical axis) on your chart on Chart Tools, click the Layout / Labels / Axis Titles and choose the desired type and enter the content.


The chart has been created, you can copy the image of this chart into Word or other software

Above we show you how to create graphs using the tools available on Excel but there are many others software to create the chart is very nice and easy to use. You can see in the "Related Soft” above to download and try it out.


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