Excel - Insert washout text and logo in Excel 2013

By Giang Doan

Watermark helps you mark your products by words and logo. Text, logo or image inserted into your spreadsheet will lie blurry under the text.

Have you already known how to insert text and logos in Excel spreadsheet? This is a way to create your own brand. Betdownload.com will guide you how to create Watermark by Header & Footer.

Excel - Insert washout text and logo in Excel 2013

Step 1: Open the that need to be inserted watermark => Insert

Step 2: In Text, select Header & Footer.

Step 3: If you want to insert a text as the watermark, enter the text, highlight and select the gray color (use the space to fit the watermark to the image). Click header, and the result is:

Insert Logo, Image as Watermark

Step 1: If you want to insert logo as a watermark, select Picture in Header & FooterElements in Header & Footer Tool Design.

Step 2: Select the image by clicking Browse.

Step 3: Select photos = > Insert.

Step 4: Picture is denoted as & [Picture]. Click any box in header, the logo will be shown as:

Step 5: To blur the image, open header, choose Format Picture in Header & Footer Elements in Header & Footer Tools Design.

Step 6: Click Picture in FormatPicture, select Washout Color and click OK.

And the result is:

It is simple to create your own brand with these manipulations above. You can take a look at other related articles below to use Excel spreadsheets more effectively.

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