Excel – LARGE function, returning largest value number k

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LARGE function points out the largest value number k in a given data arrange, helping you to find your expected value from the rank of that value in the data array.

In Excel, LARGE function is used quite frequently. This function has a simple syntax, but has a very tremendous application. Let’s follow this article from betdownload.com to understand the syntax as well as usage of LARGE function.

Syntax: LARGE( array,k)

In which:

- Array: The data array that you want to find the largest value number k, in which

- K: is the rank of the value that you want to search for in the data array.

Arguments are required in LARGE function.

Example: Given a transcript of some students, find out the highest and second highest scores?

Use formula in cell C7:  =LARGE($C$2:$C$6;1)

                                   Cell C8: =LARGE($C$2:$C$6;2)


The usage of LARGE function to find the largest value number k is simple with several manipulations above. This function is widely used in the work or studying. In addition, you can refer to the usage of other functions in Excel.


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