Excel - LEFT function, for cutting left string

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LEFT function is a function used to cut a string from the left side. Depending on cases, we can use this function flexibly. If you still do not understand about LEFT function and how to apply it, follow the article below to learn more about this function clearly.

When manipulating strings, it is a must to mention to Left function – a function to cut string from the left, Right Function – a function to cut string from the right, Mid function - a function to cut string from the middle, ect. We will guide you how to use LEFT with specific examples.

Excel - LEFT function, for cutting left string

Syntax: = LEFT (text, n)

In which: - text: String.

                 - n: Number of characters that need to be cut from the string. (Without this parameter, Excel will set default value as 1).

Function: Cut n characters in the text string from the left side of the string.

Example 1:

- Cut three characters from "Computer" from the right.

- The formula would be: LEFT ("Computer", 3) = Com

- If there is no parameter, you have to type in cell B3 = LEFT (C3), the results is shown as below: In the cell C16, the result will be  C.

Example 2: I have the following tables:

- The requirement is to cut the first 3 letters of the commidity to set as code commidity.

- Apply the LEFT in this case to perform cutting string. The string formula is: = LEFT (C3, 3) and the result is shown as below.

We have introduced to you the syntax and usage of the Left function to cut string from the left. Excel also offers lots of helpful tools for you to manipulate on spreadsheets effectively .

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