Excel – MAXA function, returning largest value

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MAXA function returns the largest value, including logic value and numerical value in document. You can use this function to find out the largest value, highest score in class, etc.

MAXA function helps you find out the largest value in a given array of cells and elements. Let’s follow this article to understand the syntax and usage of MAXA function in Excel.


Syntax: MAXA(Value1, [value2], [value3],…)

In which:

Value1 is compulsory argument.

Value2, Value3,… are options.

Arguments Value1, Value2,… can be text, name, array of cell (C1:C5), reference value (=C5), logic value: TRUE (equal to 1) or FALSE (equal to 0), or text number (one, two, three…), this function will take the value of the cell as 1.

Example: Given a transcript of some students, let’s find the highest value in Scores column.

Use the formula in cell C9: MAXA(C2:C8) or MAXA(C2;C3;C4;C5;C6;C7;C8).


In the scope of above article, we have instructed you to use MAXA function – returning the largest value in Excel. By using this function, you can find the largest value in a given data array, including logic values, etc.


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