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By Laura

If you have an Excel file in which you input wrong data for column into row or vice versa, what will you do? You will delete data and input them again? It will be time-consuming. Here, betdownload.com will guide you to turn column to row in Excel.

The technique for turning column to row or vice versa can be used conveniently and quickly in Excel thanks to Transpose tool. Here is the instruction for implementing this technique for users.

How to turn column to row in Excel

Step 1: Open Excel file that you want to turn column to row.

Step 2: Select (blacken) columns (rows) need to be turned into rows(columns) --> then press Ctrl + C to copy (or right click and select copy in functional table which appears when we right click)

Afterwards, click the needed position for being converted and right click the cell --> select Paste Special

When Paste Special dialogue box appears, tick the box before Transpose.

Finally, click OK to complete. This is the result for turning column to row in Excel.

Wish you success!


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