Extract content from PowerPoint to Word

By Laura

You want to convert a PowerPoint file to a Word file for printing conveniently or your work. However, to copy each Powerpoint Slide to Word is too time consuming.

Converting content from PowerPoint to Word is pretty difficult since it must copy the contents of each slide and paste to word, which will take a lot of your time. This article will show you a simple and fast way to do it.

Extract content from PowerPoint to Word

Step 1: Open PowerPoint file to extract the contents. On the menu in the program, go to File

Then choose Export

Step 2: Next click Create Handouts, on the right Create Handouts will display, click on the icon.

Step 3: After clicking, it will open a Send to Microsoft Word table. Choose 1 in 5 layouts, then select Ok.PowerPoint.

Note: There are 5 types of layouts:  

- Notes next to slides: notes on the right of the slide

- Blank lines next to slides: blank lines on the right of the slide

- Notes below slides: notes below the slide

- Blank lines below slides: blank line below slide

- Outline only: text (outline format, only text, no wallpaper).

You can select how to extract and click OK to extract PowerPoint to Word.

Extracting the contents of PowerPoint to Word is a useful tips that can help you save time and effort when copying Slide to a Word document manually.


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