Facebook – How to delete personal account information

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You do not want to use your old Facebook account and want to create another account. However, you do not know how to prevent other people from seeing your old account and sending messages to this account. taimienphi.vn will guide you through steps to delete your Facebook account information through this article

Along with Twitter and Linkedln, Facebook is the most widely-used social network at present. The advantage of the social network is helping you easily connect and get acquaintance to more friends and share your happiness and sorrow in your work as well as in life and grasp the daily activities of your friends and relatives.

However, for a certain reason, you want to delete your Facebook account and do not want to receive messages from other people. In fact, Facebook can delete personal information, but not many people know about this feature. Within 2 weeks that you do not log in your accounts, Facebook will automatically delete it.
How to delete Facebook account
Step 1: Log in your Facebook account, click the icon on the right of the screen, select any item - Account Settings or Privacy Settings.

Step 2: Select Security on the left of the screen.

Step 3: In the Security Settings window on the right of the screen, select Deactivate your account in the last line to delete your Facebook account.

Step 4: A window will be opened and allow you to send messages to some of your close friends and inform that this Facebook account has been deleted (you can perform this step or not).
In addition, the network provider also gives out some reasons why you do not want to use this account, select an appropriate reason and click Confirm to complete the task.

Thus, you have successfully deleted an account. If you still want to use the account, you only need to log in as usual, your Facebook account will be restored. Otherwise, it will be automatically closed after two weeks.

Wish you success!

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