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By Laura

It's annoying when you always receive invitations for applications and events from those unknown people. Betdownload.com will guide you how to block unwanted accounts on Facebook.

Facebook is a social network chosen and used by lots of people nowaday. This is the place where you can connect with friends, update status and share information with others. However, besides people who want to be friend with you, there are a lots of Facebook accounts that add you for advertising and offering product.

If you do not want these Facebook accounts to appear on your wall or block their event invitations or invitations to a certain application, let’s follow the instructions below.
Step 1: Access  Facebook account - > click Account Settings in the settings icon on the right of the screen

Step 2: Select Blocking, in the Manage Blocking on the right
Enter the Facebook accounts that you want to block in the Block users, you can enter the display name or email address of that Facebook account. Click Block.

Block invitation from someone in Block app invites, enter the display name of someone in Block invites form:

Block event invitations in the Block event invitations, enter Facebook name in Block invites form:

Block application in Block app and enter the name of the application you want to block. To remove previously blocked applications, click Unblock.

After blocking an account or an invitation for event or a certain application, you can automatically ignore future requests from that account.
In addition, you can use these available Facebook utilities in betdownload.com to use Facebook effectively.

Wish you success!

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