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By Laura

Your Facebook usage and personal information will be absolutely protected by using Titanium’s security feature to check security and settings on Facebook.

If you want to see the security level of Facebook and suggestions to set the security of accounts, you can install and use Titanium utility from Trend Micro. The following article from betdownload.com will instruct you to use this feature.

Check security of FACEBOOK with TITANIUM

Step 1: Download and install Titanium utility on the computer. You can download the latest version of Titanium here.

Step 2: Run the downloaded file. It will download the program automatically.

The program will require you to input the copyright key after being downloaded. Select Trial version to use the program as we do not have a key. Click Next.

Click Agree and Install to agree and automatically install the program.

Wait for the system to complete the remaining part, and then click Finish.

Step 3: Open the web browser to agree to install utility for the web browser. Next, restart the browser.

Log in Facebook, the program will automatically require you to select Check My Privacy to check and suggest.

The system will also suggest security levels for you when you click links of other websites.

In this article we have instructed you how to check the security on Facebook so that you can freely chat and connect with your friends, etc. without worrying about that other people can read them.


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check Facebook security with Titanium


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