Facebook - Limit audience for shared posts on Facebook

By Laura

It is not difficult if you do not want some friends on your friend list to see your shared posts on Facebook. All you need to do is to put them in restricted list.

Those who are put in the restricted list will not see the posts you share with everyone even when they visit your Timeline. To do this, please follow these steps.

Facebook - Limit audience for shared posts on Facebook

Step 1: Log in your Facebook account with your username and password.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and find ”Friends” and Click ”See more "

Step 3: Friends window opens, click ”Restricted” at the bottom

Step 4: You need to add those who you do not want them to see your shared posts by clicking ”Add friends to the list"

Step 5: After that, click "Finish"

You can also edit this list by clicking ”Manage Friends List” and select "Edit List"

Thus, those who have been in this list will not see the posts you share on your Facebook, even if that person access your Timeline. Furthermore, you can take a look at other Facebook tips on Betdownload.com to use this social network more effectively.


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