Facebook Messenger updates free call feature

By Laura

Facebook Messenger is a free and quite familiar application for all Android or IOS users. It helps you send free messages via wifi or 3g with many eye-catching icons. Facebook for android has been complemented with a function of making call with friends.

Facebook Messenger has been recently upgraded with “free call”- a desired feature of users. Previously, in mid January, Facebook Messenger on IOS has soon been upgraded with this feature. The call feature has been supplied in the U.S. and will be updated to other countries soon.
Therefore, after a period of development, at present, Facebook messenger users will be able to experience call feature on both ios and android platforms instead of the normal text chat feature. This is considered as good news for Android mobile users. It is certain that windows phone users are also looking for using this feature from Facebook Messenger.

The differentiation of Facebook Messenger when making call compared to common OTT features such as viber, zalo, line, skype, etc. is that Facebook currently only allows to making call through wifi connection and does not support 3g or 4G connection.
Facebook Messenger in this new version will be added with "i" symbol on the right angle of chat section. When you select Free call, a friend list will be displayed for you to make call.

Facebook Messenger version also allows you to create group and name the new group. If it is your frequent chat group, you can add that group to the screen for use in the next time.

Regarding the application for each device, please download Facebook Messenger for Android for Android device or Facebook Messenger for iOS for iOS device.

In our opinion, when Facebook introduces call feature, it is certain that many OTT applications related to call feature will lose customers because Facebook will be certainly a strong rival that already has a huge number of customers; therefore, users will less care about other OTT applications.

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