Facebook - Unfriend on Facebook

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Facebook users often tend to make friends with lots of people to chat online more easily. However, you want to unfriend some people since they bother you. So how to unfriend these people on Facebook? Betdownload.com will guide you how to do this.

Facebook allows you to chat online with other users when you make friends. This is the same as you add more friends to your list on Yahoo, Skype, ect. And if you no longer want to keep contact to someone, the best way is to unfriend them.

Facebook - Unfriend on Facebook

Open your personal Facebook page and go to Friends.

In the friends list, if you want to unfriend someone, use search to quickly find that person's name.

Move the mouse to Friends on the right of that user’s name and select Unfriend.

Continue with other users that you want to unfriend. From now on, all information, posts of them will no longer appear on your Facebook new feed.

We have guided you how to unfriend on Facebook. In addition, to use Facebook well, you can take a look at other utilities on betdownload.com.


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