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By Giang Doan

At present, there are many funny applications on Facebook to provide you with utilities for your work, entertainment, playing, etc. However, there are bad applications which cause a lot of troubles for you and spread malwares.

Your computer has recently encountered trouble owing to malicious applications on Facebook. The problem here is how to remove them completely? You can feel secured because they can be removed with just several simple steps as follows:

How to remove malicious applications on Facebook:

Step 1: Firstly, access your personal Facebook account and then click “gear” button next to home and select account setting.

On the interface appearing, select applications.

Here, you will see a list of all applications that you have installed and used.

Step 2: Remove malicious applications on Facebook.

You select the applications that you want to remove by click “X” as on the screen. Then, a notification dialogue box will appear:

If you are certain to remove this application, click delete all operations of the application and select delete.

Thus, you have completely removed the application from your Facebook personal page. To minimize the spread of viruses via Facebook applications, you should not use applications massively without understanding about their functions.

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