FastStone Capture - How to take screenshot

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FastStone Capture is a quite professional and simple to use screen capturer. You can use the software to take screenshot of any position on desktop or of active window.

FastStone Capture does not only support for taking screenshot but also lets you edit photos taken on the program's interface. The following article will guide you how to use FastStone Capture.

FastStone Capture - How to take screenshot

Step 1: Download FastStone Capture here

Step 2: The installation of the program is vey simple, just follow this instruction. Click Next, agree, install, finish.

Step 3: Open FastStone

Step 4: Take screenshots simply by a click: You can capture full screen, part, desired size or desired shape in FastStone Capture dialog box.

- Capture Active Window (Alt + PrtSc): Capture the active window.

- Capture Window / Object (Shift + PrtSc): Take photo partly in the open window.

- Capture Rectangular Region (Ctrl + PrtSc): Capture photo by dragging the wanted.

- Capture Freehand Region (Ctrl + Shift + PrtSc): Take photo and draw custom frame by mouse.

- Capture Full Screen (PrtSc): Capture the entire screen.

- Capture Scrolling Window (Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc): Take photo with scrolling function when the image is too long.

- Capture Fixed Region (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + PrtSc): Capture photo with frame having available resolution (size can be varied)

- Screen Recorder: capture video of the screen.

- Output => to Editor: taken photos are automatically transferred to the image editing tools.

Step 5: Edit and save images in FastStone Editor.

- You can draw, add frame, insert text in the image in FastStone Draw.

- To save the image, select Save As => Select the file, format and click Save.

With these detailed instructions above, you can easily take screenshot by FastStone Capture with just a few clicks. In addition, you can also take screenshots without software, however it will take more complex manipulations.

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