File Shredder - Delete data files permanently

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File Shredder is one of programs that have the ability to delete robust data files, thus, the deleted data are incapable of restoring by any data recovery software.

With File Shredder, you can be ensured that stubborn data will be deleted from your computer permanently. However, have you known how to use File Shredder properly? would like to offer you the instruction for File Shredder.

File Shredder - Delete data files permanently

Step 1: Download and install File Shredder

- You can download the latest version of File Shredder here: File Shredder

- Installation: it is pretty simple, just follow the instructions.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, File Shredder is automatically integrated into the right click menu.

To delete data, right-click on the data and select Send to - > File Shredder

Step 3: A message box appears asking you if you want to delete that folder. Click Yes to All to delete all data in that folder.

The process begins.

Data has been cleared completely. To review deleted files and folders,  launch the software, select Settings - >View

A window appears, it displays the list of files, folders that have been deleted by the software

We have guided you how to delete data by File Shredder. Hopefully, this tip will be helpful for you while using the computer. Furthermore, you can take a look at other data deletion software in

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