Find bad hard drive by Windows Surface Scanner

By Laura

Windows Surface Scanner is a specialized program for checking the operation status of the hard drive and finding hard drive error so that users can make a plan and choose specialized software to fix error and avoid data loss.

Windows Surface Scanner has a simple and easy to use interface, particularly it is offered completely free of charge. This utility helps you detect bad hard drive and find measures timely. will guide you how to find bad HDD with Windows Surface Scanner.

Find bad hard drive by Windows Surface Scanner

After downloading, install and launch the program and follow the steps below: (If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of Windows Surface Scanner here)

Step 1: Click Mount to find programs, identify all the drives connected to the computer (including such devices as USB, memory card, ect.) and parameters are displayed as shown below.

Step 2: You need to check the selected partition and click Scan for the program to check the partition.

After finishing, the result will be displayed immediately on the screen to let you know if the partition is faulty or not, so that you can find professional software to fix the problem.

Wish you success!


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