Find bad partitions in hard drives with CheckDrive 2013

By Laura

CheckDrive is a software that can help you observe the operating process of hard drives such as checking errors of hard drives and give out notifications so that you will have alternatives for fixing errors timely so as to avoid losing data when hard drives are damaged.

When a computer’s hard drive has operated for a long period, it may be damaged owing to substantial data extraction. To minimize this situation, you should prepare a tool for detecting bad partitions in hard drives. CheckDrive will be the solution for you. Let’s observe the following article to know how to use this software.

Find bad partitions in hard drives with CheckDrive 2013

After downloading the program, you can install it on the computer, restart the program and take following steps: (If you have not had the program, you can download the latest version of CheckDrive here)

Step 1: From the main interface of the program, to check a certain partition, you only need to click Check in corresponding part. Perform this task to each partition on your hard drives in turns.

Step 2: After finishing the check, if you do not detect any error, the program will give out notification:

If finding errors, the program will also give out notification and fix them immediately, click Repair to fix or click Cancel if you do not want to fix them.

You should perform this task regularly so that you disk drive can work best.

Wish you success!

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