Find Bad Sector Hard Drive by Ariolic Disk Scanner

By Laura

Ariolic Disk Scanner is a program searching and fixing hard drive error, it enables users to see the status and operation of the drive to find error in time and to make the recovery plan. Thus, user will not lose important data stored on the hard drive.

Ariolic Disk Scanner is considered as the first choice of many users for its ability to work with high speed without errors. will guide you how to find bad sectors in hard drive with this utility.

Find Bad Sector Hard Drive by Ariolic Disk Scanner

After downloading, install and launch the program, the interface is shown as below: (If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of Ariolic Disk Scanner here)

To check status of your hard drive, select eachpartition in the hard drive and click StartScan, for the program to check.

After finishing, the result will be displayed immediately on the screen, as shown in the colors:

- Green: normal area.

- Red: Bad areas.

If there are lots of bad sectors, you should backup your data and use specialized software to repair and prevent data loss.

Thus, the above article has guided you how to find Bad Sector by Ariolic Disk Scanner. You can take a look at other hard drive maintenance software in ”related Soft” to protect your hard drive.


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