Firefox 29 - Update with lots of changes in interface

By Laura

Firefox 29, the updated version with lots of changes in the interface and the efficiency will help you browse websites more effectively

The first thing users notice about Firefox 29 is that it looks like Google Chrome very much.

firefox 29

Firefox 29 was been redesigned in term of toolbar, menu and tabs to suit the desktop computer more. With the new interface called "Australias", Mozilla said that Firefox 29 will be faster, simpler and more customizable.

firefox 29 changes in interface

Like Chrome, Firefox 29 has a menu on the right of the toolbar , even the menu icon is also 3 parallel horizontal stripes. This menu includes all necessary information such as Add-ons, Options, History, Private Windows, etc. which are previously arranged on the left of Firefox.  In general, the new interface of Firefox are designed quite similarly to the current Google Chrome's.

menu bar in firefox-29

Besides, Firefox 29 features to sync bookmarks, tabs and settings like Google Chrome, but using Firefox account. You must register for an account on the server of Mozilla to perform this sync function.

firefox 29 changes bookmark

firefox 29 changes new tab

These are big changes of Firefox in all aspects, especially the interface which have maintained for many years.


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downlaod firefox 29


firefox 29.0


Firefox 29 changes Bookmark

, Firefox 29 changes New Tab Menu bar in Firefox 29 “Australias” interface is the name of Firefox 29

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