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By Laura

Mozilla Firefox is one of most famous browsers today with lots of powerful features and the fast browsing speed. will guide you how to accelerate browsing Websites with Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox has a plenty of useful features such as surfing the Web quickly, managing bookmarks and applications effectively. You have tried using it and feel satisfied with its Web browsing speed. However, do you know you can accelerate surfing the Web more quickly? Discover this with !


Step 1: After downloading and installing Mozilla Firefox, open the browser by clicking on the icon of Firefox on the Desktop.
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Or in the Search Programs and files section on the Start Menu, enter Mozilla Firefox or Firefox, then the result will be displayed right on the screen.
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Step 2: On Firefox browser, type " about:config" into the URL box. A window appears and alerts you that this can affect the security policy and the stability of the browser. You should continue just when you feel sure about what you are doing.

Uncheck " Show this warning next time"  if you do not want this warning to appear in the future.

Check " I will be carefull, I promise" to agree with the alert above.

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Step 3: In the Search frame, enter network.http. A list of settings you want to search appears.
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- Go to "network.http.pipelining" and "network.http.proxy.pipelining", then double click or right click and select Toggle to change the Value from "False" to "True".
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- At "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests", double click to edit the Value from 32 into 8, then click OK.
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And you have set up successfully to accelerate the Web browsing when using Mozilla Firefox.

Note: Not all Web browsers can use this tip. You should try this method on your computer. If for a certain reason the browser is not accelerated, it is best that you should reset it to the default settings.

Wish you success!

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