Firefox and Google Chrome - Sync 2 bookmarks of the 2 browsers

By Laura

You are using multiple browsers on your computer at the same time, the synchronization for bookmark is not easy, however to sync Firefox and Google Chrome will make it more convenient to use browsers.

Currently, most of people use multiple browsers on a computer. If in the past, browser runs separately, now different browsers can be synced

Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are used by most of people. The synchronization of these two browsers will bring utilities to users.

Firefox and Google Chrome - Sync 2 bookmarks of the 2 browsers

First install EverSync for Firefox and Google Chrome

EverSync for Firefox

Then click Add to Firefox to install

EverSync for Google Chrome

If you already had a Gmail account, then click EverSync for Chrome to install, and you do not need to register your gmail address

Synchronize Firefox

Go to the account registration

After registering an account, go to Sync Bookmarks to complete the installation

Then a dialog box will appear and you can sync bookmarks with 3 options: Merge, Upload, Download. As the first time to use this software, I will choose Merge to connect data between the computer and the server of the applications

You only need to set up once and the system will automatically set it for the next time

Synchronize Google Chrome

First login Gmail account to sync your Bookmarks

Then click enhanced synchronization -> OK

I have introduced to you how to synchronize firefox and chrome. With this features, hopefully you can manage data on browsers more easily.

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