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For some reasons, you want to change the default homepage of the Firefox browser with the other website. This article will guide you the way to change the homepage of Firefox.

You are using Mozilla Firefox and want to change the default homepage of Firefox to the other web page. This article will guide you how to change the homepage of Firefox.

Step 1: After installing  Mozilla Firefox, open the program by one of following methods
Method 1: Click on the software`s icon on Desktop (if you agreed to create the shortcut on Desktop in the install process).


- Method 2: If there is no icon, shortcut on Desktop, you can open the software from the Start Menu. In particular, enter Foxit Reader into the Search Programs and files part on the Start Menu, then the result will be displayed right on the screen.

Step 2: When the window of Mozilla Firefox appears, go to the Tool tab. Then, move the mouse down to Options.

A new window will appear. At this window, select General. Then, go to the Startup part to change the homepage of the browser. In this part, the producer offers 2 methods to change the homepage of the browser. They are Use Current Page and Use Bookmark.

- Use Current Page is the method which allows you to set the default homepage by typing the domain name of the page into the square next to Home Page. Then, click on Use Current Page.

- Use Bookmark is the method to set the homepage by using a website saved on the Bookmark memory of the browser.
If you want to return to the default page of Firefox, click on Restore to Default.

After customizing all, click  OK to complete the install process.

After setting up this mode, whenever you open the homepage, the system will automatically lead you to the website you set as the homepage. This will help you access the website you need easily without taking time as before.
Wish you success!

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