Firefox - Delete the history, cache of the browser

By Laura

You want to delete the browsing history of Firefox

You are using Mozilla Firefox and want to delete the browsing history and cache of this browser. This article will guide you the way to delete the browsing history and cache most simply.
Step 1: After installing  Mozilla Firefox, open the program by one of following methods
Method 1: Click on the icon of the software on Desktop (if you agreed to create the icon on Desktop in the install process).
(IMG 1)

Method 2: If there is no icon, shortcut on Desktop, you can open the software from the Start Menu. In particular, enter Mozilla Firefox into the Search Programs and files part on the Start Menu, then the result will be displayed right on the screen.
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Step 2: Open Mozilla Firefox. Click on the history tab, then select Clear Recent History... Then, the Clear Recent History window will appear. Here click on the box beside Time Range to Clear to delete the browsing history in periods of time.

The producer provides you options to delete the browser history in 1 hour before, 2 hours before, 4 hours before, 24 hours before and finally delete all.
(IMG 3)

After choosing the period you want to delete, the system will move to the Time range to Clear window. Click on Clear Now to start deleting the web browsing history and cache.
(IMG 4)

Step 3: After clicking Clear Now, the system will start deleting the web browsing history.
After deleting the browser history and the cache memory, the Time range to Clear will disappear automatically. So the browsing history and cache are deleted completely.
(IMG 5)

Removing the Cache and the browser history will speed up your browser. Besides, this feature also helps the browser not occupy much the computer resources as well as the hard drive capacity. Hence, you will avoid the computer crash situation.

Wish you success!

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