Firefox - Enable and disable the Navigation Bar

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For some reasons, you close the Navigation Bar on Firefox accidentally and want to restore it. This

Firefox - Enable/ disable the Navigation Bar

For firefox users, the Navigation Bar is often indispensable. However, for a certain reason you close the Navigation Bar by mistake and you do not know how to restore it. This article will help you solve this situation.

Step 1: Close the Navigation Bar:
First, open Mozilla Firefox and click on the View tool on the Navigation Bar

Then, scroll down and select Toolbars and click on the Navigation Toolbar option.

Then, the Navigation Bar will disappear completely.

Step 2: To restore the Navigation Bar, you can follow 1 on 2 following methods:
Method 1: Click on Firefox on the top corner, select Options.

The Options window will appear. Select and tick on Navigation Bar.

Method 2: Move the mouse to the location as in the picture. Right click on Navigation Bar.

So you restored the Navigation Bar of Firefox.
The fullscreen mode on Firefox helps you read websites having small fonts more clearly or play some games on Websites more easily.

Wish you success!


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