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This article will guide you how to recover a website which is closed by mistake. This function is v

You have just downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox. When using it, the website you are using is closed suddenly for some reasons. This article will guide you the way to open that web in a short time without taking too much time.

Step 1: First, activate Mozilla Firefox. Then, click on History in the Menu Bar.

Step 2: There are many ways to recover the newly closed website. You can use some following methods.
Method 1: After going to History, move the mouse down and select the first website in the list of recent websites. By default, the latest page is the page on the top.
(img 2)

Method 2: go to History, select Recent Close tab and select the page you have just used. You can also use the hot key combination : Ctrl+Shift+ T.
(img 3)

Recovering the newly closed websites is helpful in case you need information on the website or that website is closed suddenly becaused of unexpected problems. Besides, recovering newly closed websites also helps you recover data more simply compared to normal methods.
Wish you success!

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