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By Laura

During the web surfing process, you may encounter websites with hard-to-see interface. Lines of letters displayed on the screen are too large or stick together, making them difficult to read. So, how to change the display screen to fit users’ requirement?

You will feel irritated when using such types of display screen for a long period. To overcome this problem, let’s think about how to change the display screen of the web browser. This article from will instruct you how to optimize the display screen on Firefox.


To overcome this problem, press following key combinations:

- Ctrl and "+": Zoom in the interface of websites with small display.

- Ctrl and "-": Zoom out the interface of websites with large display.

- Ctrl and "0": Return to the default interface of websites.

Or you can also hold Ctrl key and move the roller forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out.

In addition, if you often use laptop, netbook, etc. with small screen, you can raise the entire display space for a website by pressing F11 to activate full-screen mode display function.

If you want to exit full-screen mode, you only need to press F11 again.

It is too simple to optimize the display screen on Firefox, isn’t it? With the instructed manipulations in the above article, you can freely change your display screen when browsing web, zoom in, zoom out, etc. to fit your usage demand.


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