Firefox – Set web surfing in anonymous mode

By Laura

Private web browsing mode of Firefox is a similar feature to anonymous mode of Chrome. Thus, have you known how to set up anonymous mode when surfing web on Firefox web browser?

The private web surfing mode of Firefox enables you to surf the web freely without saving the web surfing history and cookies right after you turn off the anonymous window. Thus, how to set up anonymous mode when you access the internet on Firefox web browser” Let’s follow this article from to know how to do it.


Step 1: Open private web browsing mode via two methods:

- Fastest method: Open Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+P key combination.

- Or: Open Firefox web browser, click to select File / New Private Window.

Step 2: After selecting, you will be directed to Private Browsing window of Firefox and this private web surfing window will be presented in the below image. Here, you can perform normal manipulations like on Firefox.

With just several simple manipulations above, you have been able to access the Internet anonymously on Firefox web browser so that your personal information as well as privacy is absolutely protected. Hope that this small tip will be useful for you


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