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Ads may occur right after you access Youtube and will never turn off until you close them. The below article will instruct you how to turn off annoying ads which appear on Youtube with Mozilla Firefox web browser.

The important role of ads on websites is undeniable nowadays because websites can develop thanks to being financed from these ad tittles and Youtube is not an exception. However, ads only benefit websites while they irritate users whenever watching videos on Youtube.

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In the previous article, has instructed you how to block adds on Youtube with Chrome web browser, in this article, we will guide you through steps to perform a similar task with Mozilla Firefox web browser.
How to turn off adds on Youtube with Firefox
Step 1: Download and install Adblock Plus add-on or Youtube Center script. You can download Adblock Plus for Firefo here

Step 2: A Pop-up window opens, click Install to set up this Add-on. Wait for about 5 s -->Install Now

Mozilla Firefox

Step 3: Activate one of the three or all three built-in features:
- Malware Blocking: block malwares which may be infected during the web browsing process.
- Remove Social Media Buttons: block other people from tracking your web browsing process such as excluding Remove function in Facebook.
- Disable Tracking: Disable ads on websites.
If you want to disable ads on Youtube, select Disable Tracking by switching from Off -->On.

Then, you can watch a video on Youtube to see whether adds have been removed completely or not.

Wish you success!

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