Fix Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied error

By Giang Doan

TeamViewer is a supporting software to connect to any computer with Internet connection with a single click. It enables you to control a computer of other person from distance as you are sitting in front of that computer.

In some cases, you will be unable to log in Teamviewer when receiving the notification “Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied” although you have removed the software and installed another version. In this article, will show you how to fix this problem.


Step 1: Remove TeamViewer version which has been installed on the computer.

Re-check C:/Program File to delete TeamViewer folder (if any)

Enter Start, type regedit. Then find keyword:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software, delete TeamViewer folder.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE, delete TeamViewer folder.

When you are certain that you have deleted all data related to TeamViewer software, proceed to following steps.

Step 2: Check MAC address of network card by entering Start, typing cmd. Here, you enter “ipconfig /all” command, MAC address will appear in the form: EA-9A-8F-51-30-22

Step 3: Right click Network icon on Desktop screen, click to select Properties.

Step 4: Click Network Bridge or Network AreaConnetion

Step 5: Click to select Properties

Step 6: Click to select Configure

Step 7: At Advanced tag, click Network Address and input new MAC address into Value box, and then click OK.

Step 8: Close all window, restart the computer and re-intall TeamViewer.

To fix Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied error, you can implement above instructions so that your computer can use Teamviewer software as usual. In addition, you can refer to related Teamviewer tips available on to use the utility more effectively.


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troubleshoot error "Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied"


fix error "Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied"


troubleshoot "Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied"


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