Fix black screen error at Win 8 startup

By Laura

Windows 8 has been introduced with considerable improvements such as a smooth interface, a faster start-up and lower requirements on the computer’s hard drives, etc. It is an appropriate choice for users to replace Windows 7 or Windows XP. However, during the process of usage, many users have encountered a very serious error which is “black screen at Widows startup”.

Along with the activation of Fast Startup feature, Windows 8 has a feature for starting window quickly. Therefore, when shutting down the computer, your system will not be turned off completely but the drivers, softwares and other problems will be automatically loaded in the memory to make the computer start faster.

However, the most serious disadvantage of this feature is making some computers using Windows 8 encounter the black screen error at the startup and you do not know how to check the screen error to have the earliest interventions.

Fix black screen error for Win 8

Step 1: Click the Control Panel on the Desktop screen (or you can open it in Start Menu)

Step 2: Click Hardware and Sound

Step 3: On Hardware and Sound window, in Power Option section, click Choose the Power button

Step 4: Click Change settings that are currently unavailable

Step 5: Continue to click Turn on fast startup (recommend) below to deselect and save changes, and then restart the computer.

OK, you have turned off Fast Startup feature in Win 8 successful. Now, you only need to restart the computer and see whether the error is fixed or not.
Wish you success!

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