Fix blue screen error on the computer

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For those who often use the computer, it is certain that you have at least encountered blue screen error once. This error may occur on both laptop and PC. There are many causes, but how to solve this problem drastically?

The “dead” blue screen is also called Dump or Blue Screen of Death. When your computer’s screen suddenly turns blue, it means that your computer system has encountered an error which has become a harassment for Windows users.

It is not simple to define the main cause as well as fix the blue screen error. Here, will list some main causes that you can follow to check the blue screen error on your computer.

Causes and solutions for blue screen error

1. The computer is dump at Windows startup(have not reached Logo displaying stage and loading).

In this case, the problem is certainly caused by hardware error. You need to check the hard drive and RAM.

- For hard drive, it may be due to a wrong selection of hard drive connection. You restart the computer, press F2 or Del to enter the computer’s BIOS.
Then enter Boot section, select SATA Configuration, if the current mode is IDE, turn it to AHCI or vice versa.

- For RAM, you can remove it and use paper napkin or cloth to clean it and then install in other slot to see whether the error is fixed or not. If the problem still resists, you can install other RAM card and restart the computer.

2. Driver of Windows is improper or conflicted

In this case, you should upgrade the driver of the computer by using DriverEasy program (download the latest version of DriverEasy here).

To search and update a new driver for the computer, you can refer to the following article how to update Driver with DriverEasy.

3.Computer is infected with virus

If your computer is infected with viruses, they can make softwares conflicted and cause blue screen error. Therefore, you need to install virus scanning program such as Kaspersky or AVG and scan the computer to fix the error.

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Hope that you can find out the cause and recover the blue screen error by applying the recommended methods in this article.

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