Fix “CMOS checksum Error” - being unable to log in Windows

By Laura

Recently, you may find that the time being displayed on Windows is often incorrect and you have to adjust it every day. Moreover, whenever you start your computer, “CMOS Checksum error” is usually reported, so what is the error? And how to handle it?

CMOS is the place for storing the settings of the computer with hard drive specifications such as bus of RAM, CPU, etc. or the clock of the computer. Thanks to CMOS, you can see available specifications in CMOS which helps starts the computer. However, the following notification will be displayed on your desktop screen sometimes:

Above, you can see the line “CMOS  checksum error Defaults loaded” and there is an instruction below “Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP” .
Fix “CMOS checksum Error”
This problem is resulted from the depletion of CMOS battery which disables CMOS, making BIOS be unable to save the settings for the computer’s hard drives and fail to start. In addition, the depletion of CMOS battery also makes the time on the computer’s clock incorrect.

This image displays CMOS battery. Your task is to find a computer shop and ask for purchasing a CMOS battery and replace for your computer. Firstly, you need to disconnect the power source and open the case and replace the old battery with the new battery and boot the computer.

By observing the above steps, you may find that the fixation of CMOS being unable to access Windows is completely very simple. Wish you success.

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