Fix download 99% suspension error on IDM

By Laura

Do you feel time-wasting when having to wait for IDM to download a large data file which has been downloaded to up to 99% and have been suspended? You do not know what to do?

You have to wait for IDM to download a certain large data file, but the download is suspended at 99%. It will be time-consuming if you delete and download it again. The following article will instruct you how to overcome the above problem.


Step 1: Open IDM, right click on the suspended file and select properties.

Search and copy link from Referrer section

Step 2: Re-paste into your web browser and Enter. Or right click on the web browser address and select Paste & Go as in the below image.

Wait for the browser to finish loading, click download section.

When IDM displays download notification, don’t download again and copy that URL and turn off.

Step 3: Return to IDM section, right click on the suspended downloaded file once again, Paste URL into Address section and select Ok.

Step 4: Now, you only need to enter resume section to see the result.

Wish you success!


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