Fix error”DNS Server not responding”in Windows 7/8

By Laura

You can not access the Internet, whenever restarting Troubleshooter, an error message often appears ”DNS Server not responding”. How to overcome this error? Follow the instructions below with!

DNS Server plays an important role in accessing to the Internet. Once you receive the error message”DNS Server not responding”, your computer has completely disconnected to Internet even when the traffic does not have any incident. This situation is often encountered on the computer using Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Fix error”DNS Server not responding”in Windows 7/8
Step 1: Click on Computer icon on the system tray - >Open Network and Sharing Center

Or Click Start Menu - >Control Panel - >Network and Internet - >Change adater settings

Step 2: Right click Local Area Connection - >Properties

Step 3: Local Area Connection Properties window opens - >Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) - >Properties
Step 4: Change the DNS address in Use the following DNS Server addresses
- Perferred DNS Server:
- Alternate DNS Server:
Mark Validate settings upon exit.
Click OK

Step 5: Open Command Prompt (see the article how to start Command Prompt)
Type ipconfig / all - >Enter
Now, remember Physical Address

Step 6: Continue to type ncpa.cpl in Command Prompt, open Network Connections, right-click Properties - >Configure

Step 7: Select Advanced - >Network Address in Property.
In the 'Value, type Physical address appeared in Command Prompt (note, remove dash in between).
Click OK and restart your computer

Conclusion: After restarting your computer, your computer will be connected to the Internet as usual.

Wish you success!

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