Fix RAM beep error at computer startup

By Laura

RAM, a component of the computer, rarely encounters problems but it does not mean that it will not get error. In this article, will instruct you to “fix RAM beep error at computer startup" – which often occurs on the computer.

When you have started the computer and heard three long beeps and the screen does not start, it will be the notification from the mainboard that your RAM is error. Avoid mistaking the problem with one long beep and three short beeps which implies the error of the separated graphics card (if your computer has a separated graphic card).

Causes and solutions to overcome RAM beep error

1. RAM leg is dirty

In the long-term usage process, RAM leg will be dirty, causing errors, you only need to remove the RAM and use cloth or paper napkin to clean the RAM leg and install it to mainboard and then restart to see whether the error has been fixed or not.

2. The RAM slot is errored

In this case, repair RAM by removing RAM and installing it to other slot and restarting the computer.

3. There is an errored RAM in multiple RAM.

For those who use more than one RAM card, you can remove all RAM and then install each of them and restart to see whether it is errored or not. In case of detecting any errored RAM, you can clean the RAM leg to see whether it is dirty or not. If it is damaged, you should bring it to computer shop to test so as to avoid serious problems.

Hope that you can completely fix the RAM beep error at the computer’s startup by following above steps.

Wish you success!

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