Fix the error of mouse lag on Windows 8.1

By Laura

You are using Windows 8.1 with new features, however, it is annoying when you are using and the mouse lags, Today’s article will guide you how to fix the mouse lag on windows 8.1.

It can be said that the OS 8.1 launch has attracted the attention of technology users as well as people who love computers. The new features of Windows 8.1 are taken in comparison by lots of users.

Windows 8.1 interface is pretty nice but quite similar to Windows 8. The outstanding feature is its higher screen resolution. Therefore, the image quality will be a lot sharper.

However, such large resolution will make those computers which have high configuration and resolution when playing game meet the error of mouse lag.

Fix the error of mouse lag on Windows 8.1

This is a very small error of Windows 8.1 but it bothers ​​ users, therefore, they want to find a solution for this situation.

In order to solve this situation, Microsoft has released a patche called KB2908279. And to fix it, you must download and install the patch.

Depending on your Windows version 8.1, there are 2 options for you to download including 64-bit or 32-bit version. Download Update for Windows 8.1 here.

If you are not sure which version your Windows is, you can press Windows on your keyboard and type Cotrol Panel, select System and Security, select System to check which version-64-bit or 32 - bit your computer is using.

Fix the error In Registry

It can be said that the patch that Microsoft created ​​cannot fully fix the problem because they only fix or large widely used programs. Therefore, to fix the error in Registry is more appropriate for all programs and all games.

However, before you fix the error in Registry, you still have to download and install the patch.

Press Windows + R to display Run, type regedit and click Enter

Then go to the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ AppCompatFlags \ Layers

Maybe you will not find Key Layers, do not worry because you can create this key by right clicking on AppCompatFlags key, select New -> Key, enter a name as Layers and click Enter.

Create a name for the fault program, then click Layers and choose New, click String Value, then enter the full path to the executable file of the game and Enter.

Right-click the key you just created, select Modify. Enter NoDTToDITMouseBatch, press Enter

Finally, open Command Prompt, press Windows and type Command Prompt, right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator

Press Enter and type Rundll32 apphelp.dll, ShimFlushCache

This article has introduced to you how to fix the mouse lag on Windows 8.1. And you can also remove applications with the article “how to remove applications on 8/8.1”. I wish you always find interesting articles on

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