Fix the error that causes Laptop to restart frequently

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Error that causes laptop to restart is really annoying and it can make your laptop damaged. Have you already known the cause and how to fix it yet?

Betdownload will guide you how to check and fix the error that causes your laptop to restart. Below are some reasons that may occur with your laptop.

Fix the error that causes Laptop to restart frequently

I. Hardware Error
1. Pin Error: If your laptop’s battery is faulty, the current in the battery that provides power for the laptop might be unstable. Thus, it can cause the laptop to shutdown and reboot. You should remove the battery, plug in and use Laptop without battery. Notice if the laptop restarts again. If not, you should replace the battery for the laptop.

2. Charge error: Similar to battery error, the currents will also be unstable and cause laptop to reboot. You can check by removing the charge and insert the battery or use a new charge. Check if the laptop restart again or not. If the Laptop does not restart again, you should replace with a new charge.

3. Computer’s Temperature Is Too High: Every laptop are assigned with a maximum temperature, if it is exceeded, the system will automatically reset to protect your computer.

- You can use such program to check the temperature of your computer qw HWMonitor. You can download HWMonitor here

- Once downloaded and installed, open the software, you will see the temperature of the computer’s components.

+ Red box on the top is the temperature of the motherboard.

+ The second box is the temperature of the CPU.

+ The third box is the temperature of the hard drive.

+ The forth box is the temperature of the graphics card.

If you find any box having the temperature over 70C, your computer are being too hot .The cause may be due to the computer's fan. You should have your computer cleaned.  
II. Software Error
Maybe your laptop has viruses that cause your laptop reboot. You can use such programs to scan virus as Kaspersky Antivirus, AVG, Mcafee, ect. You can take a look and choose one of 10 most powerful antivirus programs in 2014. has given the common causes that make laptop restart. You can follow the article's instructions to solve this problem. Or you can bring your laptop to the service center as soon as possible to avoid heavy damage for your laptop.


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