Fix the error that displays wrong capacity of USB

By Giang Doan

You have a 4GB USB and you want to copy a file of several hundreds of MB to the USB, however, Windows notifies that your USB is insufficient to copy the file. When you check the capacity of the USB, your USB have only few MB left. Don’t worry, will guide you how to fix this error.

Fix the error that displays wrong capacity of USB

1. Fix the error by Checkdisk

Step 1: Go to Start → type cmd → press Enter

Step 2: In the command prompt window type CHKDSK X: / f → press Enter.
In which X: name of your USB.

2. Format USB

If Checkdisk is not effective, you can reformat your USB. You need to back up important data before formatting USB to avoid loss of data.

Tip: If you cannot format the USB, you can refer the article: fix the error that USB cannot be formmated

We have introduced to you how to fix the error when your USB’s capacity displayed wrong. Hopefully these little tricks will help you while using USB.

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