Fix the error that the USB cannot disconnect from Windows

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After using USB, you often use Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect USB from the computer safely, however, the USB cannot disconnect. will guide you how to deal with this error in the article below.

USB is a compact and popular means to help users store and transfer data. However, while using USB, we cannot avoid some errors such as USB cannot be formatted or disconnect from computer, ect. will guide you to fix this error.

Fix the error that the USB cannot disconnect from Windows

Case 1:

The cause of this error may be because the program in the USB is still running and you cannot disconnect the USB from Windows. You should check if there are any running programs in the USB or any undone work on USB. Then, you should turn them off and disconnect USB from Windows.

Case 2:

If you are sure that no program or work on your USB are running, but the USB still cannot disconnect from Windows, it is likely your USB is infected with virus. In this case, it is recommended that you copy all the important data in the USB and format your USB to avoid data loss. After formatting, you can use the USB as normal.

Tip: If you cannot format the USB, you can refer to the article: Fix the error that USB cannot be formatted.

Or you can use Unlocker to disconnect the USB from your computer quickly and easily. Simply right-click USB drive and select Unlocker, then delete all the running processes and select Quit.

You can download the latest version of Unlocker here.

Disconnecting USB from computer safety will help you protect USB from damage or loss of. In addition, you should have an USB protection program to protect your important data by available software in

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