Fix the error "USB Device malfunctioned Error"

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When using USB to store and transfer data, there are lots of error that you may encounter. " USB Device malfunctioned Error " is not a common error, however, it will make lots of users confused if they encounter this error.

USB devices are used widely by lots of users nowadays. However, errors in USB cannot be avoided. If the previous article guide you how to fix the error that USB cannot disconnect from windows, this article will show you how to fix" USB Device malfunctioned Error "

Fix the error "USB Device malfunctioned Error"

1. Clear the cache

You need to turn off your computer, then unplug the power cord of your desktop or the charger of your laptop, then leave it for about 30 minutes.

Then plug it and boot the computer normally for the computer to remove cache of connected USB.

2. Lack of driver chipset or incompatible driver chipset:

Make sure you have installed driver for the motherboard chipset. Or you can download the latest updates for your chipset driver here.

Tip: If you have not installed drivers on your computer, you can refer the article: "update lacked driver by 3DP Chip” to update drivers fully and quickly.

Above are two causes of “USB Device malfunctioned error". Please follow this solution to overcome this error.

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fix USB Device malfunctioned Error


Error Fix USB Device malfunctioned


fix Error USB Device malfunctioned


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