Fix Win 7 errors, best softwares for fixing Windows errors

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The Windows 7 operating system is widely used by computer users because of its usability, nice interface and high stability. However, during usage process, many system errors may occur as a result of a number of factors such as viruses or users’ inappropriate usage. Here, would like to introduce to you a number of tools that can fix these errors.

Fix Win 7 errors, best softwares for fixing Windows errors

1. FixWin:

FixWin is a utility tool which can fix 50 common errors on Windows 7 operating system. The software can automatically analyze the Windows 7 operating system to make sure that you do not have any errored file system.

Usage guide:

After download to your computer for free, you run FixWin.exe file, there will be the main interface of FixWin.

The program’s interface is very simple:

- System File Checker Utility: First you enter here for the program to load your entire system including applications installed on the computer, error-prone system files during operation.

- Create System Restore Point: Help you to create a point to restore the system before handling errors to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

- After completing the above steps, scan applications in turn, such as Windows Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Windows Media, System Tools, etc. On the left of the screen, the program will display the error messages and then correct them by clicking Fix beside and reboot.

2. 7 Quick Fix:

7 Quick Fix is a tool for fixing system errors on Windows 7 quickly and easily. This tool can fix some common errors of the operating system such as the computer does not receive CD/DVD drive or loses system tray, etc. This tool is provided free of charge.

Usage guide:

- Start the tool, an interface will be displayed as follows:

- In the below tabs, you can fix errors occurring to your computer with just a single click.

3. Aro 2013

ARO 2013 is a tool to search for errors in Windows registry. In addition, Aro 2013 also has the ability to modify the computer system to improve the performance of the computer. However, users will have to pay to use this tool.

Usage guide:

- After downloading and starting the software, Aro 2013 will automatically scan your entire registry of your system then notifies the error. You just need to click Fix Errors, the program will proceed to fix errors for you.

4. Fix It

Fix it is a Microsoft’s tool which is used for detecting common errors of the system to fix them quickly. Some common errors will be detected by the program such as fail to connect to the Internet, not receive hard drive, interface, etc.

Usage guide:

- After starting the program, a list of possible errors in the system will be displayed. You only need to click Run Now to check the error.

- At that time, the program will display the notification. If you are not certain about this error, let’s the program automatically detect it by clicking the first option.

- Then, the program will automatically find error and give out results. Click Next to complete the process.

5. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a tool for fixing and defragmenting Registry to help your computer operate at the highest efficiency during the work process. The interface of the program is quite easy-to-use.

Usage guide:

- Start the program, you only need to click Start Scan, the program will automatically find errors of Registry to give out solution for you. This is a giveaway program for users.

Above, we have introduced to you some best softwares for fixing windows errors. If your computer has not had these software, you can try one of the 5 softwares to experience the best features offered by them.

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fix windows errors


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