Fixed Detected A Hard Disk Problem

By Laura

Someday, when your computer pops up “Windows detected a hard disk problem”, the first thing you need to do is back up all data on the hard drive and find dedicated software to fix the problem because your hard drive has bad sectors.

Slight Bad Sector error can be handled easily; however, if the problem is worse, you should replace another drive to prevent data loss. would like to introduce to you a program that can solve this problem: HDD Regenerator.

Fixed Detected A Hard Disk Problem

To do this, follow these instructions: (If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of HDD Regenerator here)

Step 1: Insert Hirent 's Boot CD / DVD Rom. Set the computer to boot with CD / DVD Rom in the BIOS. Select Start BootCD to boot then Enter.

Step 2: Select Hard Disk Tools… then Enter.

Step 3: Select HDD Regenerator 1.71. Then Enter.

Step 4: Press any key to continue.

Step 5: Select Scan and Repair. Then Enter.

Step 6: Select the first sector for the program to find error.

Step 7: the program begins to find error on the drive.

Step 8: After completing, the program will automatically repair the faulty Sector.

In case of too many bad sectors errors, you should backup your data to another drive.

In the article, has guided you how to fix Detected A Hard Disk Problem with HDD Regenerator. You can take a look at Hard Disk Sentinel in ”related soft” above.


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