Foxit Reader - How to attach files into PDF documents

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You want to send a file to your friends or relatives into a PDF document. This article will guide y

It is very difficult for inexperienced computer users to insert images into PDF documents. This article will guide you the way to insert images into the document easily and quickly.

Step 1: After installing  Foxit Reader, open the program by one of following methods
Method 1: Click on the software icon on Desktop (if you agreed to create the shortcut on Desktop in the install process).

install Foxit Reader

Method 2: Click on Start (at the bottom left corner of the screen). In the Search Programs and files section, enter Foxit Reader, then the results will be displayed right on the screen. Click on the search result for "Foxit Reader" to open the program.

Foxit Reader

Step 2: After activating the software, its interface will appear. From this interface, find the Navigation Panels on the left of the software. Click on the clip-shaped icon.

Next, you move the mouse up to the Add attachment icon (as in the following picture) and click the mouse.

Step 3: After clicking the mouse, a new window will appear. Go to the folder containing the file you want to attach into PDF. You can attach lots of video, image and audio formats except the Exe format.
After finding the file you want to attach, select it, then click on Open.

At this time, the attached file appeared on your PDF file. You can check in the Navigation Panels.

The attach feature in Foxit Reader will help you send some small documents, some images, and some video clips to your colleagues and relatives quickly instead of taking time to wait the team to update one by one. Besides, this file attachment mode also allows sending documents up to 64 MB in an archive. This helps you compress images, film clips and documents easily.
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