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You are using Foxit Reader to read PDF documents and you are finding the way to always read PDF doc

If you are reading a document on Foxit Reader, on the opening window press F11 to display the fullscreen mode. Reversely, if you want to exit this mode, press F11 again or ESC (often on the left corner of the keyboard).

You can set the fullscreen displaying mode as the default mode to open PDF files.
For many users, Foxit Reader is sometimes inconvenient because this software does not display the Full Screen mode clearly.  To help you read PDF documents more easily, we would like to introduce you the way to always display documents in the fullscreen mode with this tool.


Step 1: To use this tip, your computer must install Foxit Reader.
Method 1: Click on the icon of Foxit Reader on Desktop (if you agreed to create the shortcut on Desktop in the install process).

Method 2: Click on Start (at the bottom left corner of the screen). In the Search Programs and files section, enter Foxit Reader, then the results will be displayed right on the screen. Click on the search result for "Foxit Reader" to open the program.

Step 2: After opening the software, click on the FILE tab, then move the mouse down and click on Preferences . You can also use the keyboard shortcut : Ctrl+K to open the Preferences window.

Step 3: The Preferences window will appear. Go to the Document line in the left column, then click on it. The, find the box next to In Foxit Reader, please choose the mode for Displaying PDF File and change from Normal to Full Screen Mode.

After changing to Full Screen Mode, click OK to complete the editing process. Open a PDF file and you will see that the system has changed to the full screen mode automatically. This is the display mode after you customized.

With Full Screen Mode, users can read PDF documents easily. It will not take you much time to adjust as reading PDF files in the normal mode.

Wish you success!


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Change to the full screen mode on Forxit Reader


open PDF files in the full screen with Foxit Reader


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