Foxit Reader - Troubleshoot " pdf contains an invalid path"

By Laura

You need open a PDF file with Foxit Reader, but there is a error that PDF contains an invalid path. What should you do in this case? This article will guide you the way to fix this error simply.

You are using Foxit Reader as the default tool for opening PDF files. In one day when you open a PDF file, it displays a notification that "PDF contain an invalid path". However, the PDF file is still on your storage folder. This article will guide you the way to fix this error.

- Maybe because name of the PDF file or the storage folder is in Vietnamese language having marks, Foxit Reader can not recognize it.
- Because the Foxit Reader you are using is too old and it does not support Unicode or Vietnamese language having marks.


You can use following methods to troubleshoot "PDF contain an invalid path"
Method 1: Download the latest version of Foxit Reader. If you do not have the link, you can download the latest version of Foxit Reader here.
Method 2:  With those who are using the old version of Foxit Reader, you can troubleshoot the error by changing name of PDF files or storage folders into Vietnamese words without marks.
Method 3: Use another PDF supporting tool like Adobe Reader which supports reading PDF files using Vietnamese language inserted with marks without encountering any error.

Hope that after this article you will know how to fix "PDF contain an invalid path" simply and easily.
Wish you success!


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