Free Hide IP - How to hide your IP address while surfing Web

By Giang Doan

In the current trend of globalizing technology, the security of personal and organization’s information is very important. Therefore, the best way to protect your information is to hide IP address when surfing Web. Free Hide IP is the solution for you in this case.

Using Free Hide IP to hide your IP address while web surfing will keep your computer safe from hacker and other information leakages. Free Hide IP is a program that helps you hide your real IP address and thus you can surf web easily and comfortably with your information protected from IP attacking.

How to hide your IP address while surfing Web

Step 1: Download and install Free Hide IP on your computer. You can download the latest version of Free Hide IP here.

Step 2: Run the software, the program’s interface is shown as below:

Step 3:

1: begin to hide your IP.

2: Choose IP of country in the list.

3: Install Free Hide IP.

Launch on startup: Run the programs on startup.

Changer ip every: Change IP after a specific amount of minutes.

With Free Hide IP, you can completely be assured to surf Web with your personal information protected on the internet. Thus, all your information is protected without any risk. In addition, you can use other IP hiding software in

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hide ip address while web surfing


hide ip address while web surfing


hide ip while browsing

, Free Hide IP

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